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2020 Shoes Trends : Part One

The 2020s are here ! And what better way to welcome the New Year, I mean ~decade~, than with new shoes?! From aqua-blue sporty Mary Janes to woven ballet flats, there is a huge range to choose from to tickle your fancy. But those who still yearn for the good old days of 2019, do not fret—the ubiquitous sneaker (with some fun updates), the square-toe shoe, and more are here to stay.

Whatever your preference, these shoe trends have you covered for 2020, and some are great for all year long. You’ll feel ready to take on whatever the decade has in store, at least in terms of footwear. Check the first part here and you’re welcome!

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Fall/ Winter 18-19 Shoe Trends


Get saving ladies: the upcoming colder months represent a new golden age for the shoe!

Let’s dive into the top 6 fall 2018 shoe trends straight from the runways!


Prancheta 1


The beloved block heel gets a slanted upgrade for the fall/ winter 2018-2019 shoe trends. The architectural orientation was spotted across the runways and is set to take the colder months by storm. We love how an intentional angle can transform a basic shoe into a wearable piece of art.

Prancheta 2

Silver has a beguiling appeal but it maintains a subtlety that its close cousin gold often fails to achieve. Silver certainly has an evening feel, particularly when it is paired with glittering sequins and a high heel, but it can also be a wearable color for everyday wear when it is of the steel and lacquered variety.


Prancheta 3

These are not your traditional old Western cowboy boots! The fall/ winter 2018-2019 shoe trends took the traditional shape of the cowboy boot and modernized it with bold colors and fun loving appliques. Cowboy boots are a rough and ready way of wearing a mid-calf boot. They retain their energetic edge regardless of the color or fabric.


Prancheta 4


Crocodile and alligator skin was a hit this season. The material is textured and luxurious and evokes images of jet-set heiresses and fancy vacations in Monaco. We love how this luxe material can transform a basic outfit into something glamorous. The material pairs beautifully with denim, satin, and silk, ensuring that it can be incorporated into day and evening looks.


Prancheta 5From glamorous patent booties to plush crushed velvet, red took on a brazen adaptability for the fall/ winter 2018-2019 shoe trends.

Why was red so popular? One can ponder on the nuances of color theory ad infinitum but we think that red’s popularity can be traced to its complex nature. When paired with muted fall 2018 colors, red can effectively be a neutral.


Prancheta 6


White ankle boots are a surprisingly unexpected and fresh take on a tried and true style. We love how white ankle boots for fall 2018 blend beautifully with neutral outfits while offering a space age Andy Warhol silhouette.


Women’s Footwear Trends | AW18/19 – Part 2

We are here again with part II of the AW 18/9 trends for women’s footwear.

Lay back and enjoy!



TAKEAWAYS: Of the Earth | Digital Footprint | Retreat | Hybrid Innovation | Apothecary | Natural + Digital | Experimentation | Discovery | Earth’s Natural Elements | Weather-Proof Materials


cocoonTAKEAWAYS:  Of the Earth | Midi Wrap Skirt | Tailored Joggers | Apothecary | Discovery | Earth’s Natural Elements |Confy



TAKEAWAYS: Asymmetric | Wide Leg | Tailored items | Power Dressing | Mastery



TAKEAWAYS:  Craft Co-Op | Collaboration | Feminism | Community | Luxe Joggers | Sweater Dress

Women’s Footwear Trends | AW18/19 – Part 1

Today we will introduce you to the best AW18 / 19 Season trends.

From New Age Romance to Japanese Tailoring this next AW season will have trends for all tastes and wallets!

You can see below all the trends women will wear in their princess feets.


TAKEAWAYS: Future in the Past | Historic Royal Pieces | Wrap Skir | Mini Skirt | Modern Victorian | New Age Romance | Focus on Heritage | Textural Tweeds + Velvet | Tailored Wide Leg



TAKEAWAYS: Mastery | Modern Architecture | Japanese Tailoring | Fluid Volumes | Contrast and Balance | Smart Tailoring | Power Dressing | Simple Complexities | Sacred Spaces | Elements of Zen



TAKEAWAYS: Progressive Movement | Craft Co-Op | Hodgepodge | Collaboration | Feminism | Community | Art as Activism | Open Source Design | Retro Subculture Focus | Painterly Palette



TAKEAWAYS: Future in the Past | Historic Royal Pieces | English Monarchy | Modern Victorian | New Age Romance | Escapism | Collision of Eras | Traditional Silhouettes | Focus on Heritage | Textural Tweeds + Velvet