Cork Shoes - a good sustainable alternative

Cork Shoes – a good sustainable alternative

The use of cork is being applied in a more diversified way throughout the industry! Cork shoes are yet another example of this. They are an example of how the fashion industry has alternatives to manufacture environmentally friendly items.

Shoes made of cork are very comfortable and sustainable. Composed of natural materials, they are light, flexible, and adjust to each person’s foot. With these advantages, we avoid foot pain and discomfort.

As cork shoes are light, you won’t have that feeling of exhaustion when walking for a longer period of time. Ideal for those who spend a lot of time on their feet or simply for those who want a different shoe for a change and to have more choices available.


The fact that cork is sustainable is a great attribute which means that there is more and more investment in this material for the manufacture of footwear. This material is made from the cork oak bark that is removed from the tree. The cork is removed for the first time after 25 years of the tree being born. It is removed without harming the trees, and after a few years, we can remove another layer again. Another advantage of cork is that it is biodegradable and therefore does not take many years to decompose and as such it is a great material to choose for your next shoes.


With proper care, shoes made from cork are very resistant and can last for several years. If you want shoes that last longer than the average ones, cork shoes could be the ideal option for you. Due to their sturdiness and comfort and they have a great price compared to other shoes of the same level. Cork is also water-resistant, heat-resistant, fire-resistant, lightweight, and breathable. They are very versatile because on rainy days this kind of shoes will ensure that your feet don’t get wet and on hot days they won’t let you burn your feet.


In addition to all the above benefits, these shoes are also very beautiful. They are becoming more and more fashionable because as the days go by, people are more aware that is important to choose more sustainable footwear. All tastes can be satisfied with a huge variety of types of footwear such as loafers, sandals, shoes and sneakers.

If you are looking for shoes that are fashionable, comfortable, robust and will last a lifetime, then cork shoes are a good option for you. Nothing better than buying something good, that we like and knowing that we’re making the right choice for the environment.

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