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Our company works in the fashion industry for more than 20 years, and is based in Vila do Conde and Felgueiras – The heart of textile and footwear industry in the North of Portugal. We are specialized in the development and production of high quality and sustainable fashion collections, made in Portugal (Portugal Textile to apparel, and Portugal Shoes for footwear). We provide an integrated process with services ready to face all the challenges.

So, today we bring you, in a more detailed way, how you, as a Fashion Brand or Influencer can hire our services, if you want to build a clothing/footwear collection.

We play a reliable role between our clients and portuguese certified clothing manufacturers that are located in the North of Portugal.

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We work with many fashion brands and influencers, mostly located in the Northern Europe.

Footwear Development Services

If you want to develop your fashion collection, you just need to contact us, and send us your:

  • Fashion moodboard that reflects what you want to create.
  • Other products as a reference or inspiration.
  • Patchwork or fabrics similar to the ones you want.

Then, our commercial department will start analyzing your project in order to understand that if it is all ready to proceed. Once we have received your information, we will analyze lead times, MOQ’s, and other aspects. After this, our product development and sourcing team are going to begin the sourcing process and find suitable fabrics and trims for your designs. So, fabrics are ethically sourced to match your requirements for composition and hand feel. Meanwhile, for each order we create a prototype for your approval, allowing you to test and refine the functionally of your design. We will send you the samples/prototypes for your confirmation before starting on the production. Once you are happy with the samples, we will begin the production.

Throughout manufacture, all stages are quality checked to ensure the highest standards. Our quality control team will inspect the products to ensure that there are no issues. If you want, the products can be packed, to be ready for the shipping process. Furthermore, we also offer sustainable, recycled and biodegradable customised labels, tags, packaging and hardware to create a fully branded product. Once your order is complete and has been quality checked for a final time, it is approved for delivery via our network of reliable global couriers.

This entire process is made with a huge focus on sustainability, either on sustainable materials (which we are able to work), ethical procedures, fair working conditions and the best quality possible.

Why Should You Hire Our Services?

Choosing the right clothing manufacturer is one of the most important, but difficult stage. A brand can have the best designers and marketing, but if it does not have a good product, then it will not sell.

With our service and team all these problems are going to end. And you just can rest assure that everything is going perfectly, matching all your requires. See the endless advantages of our service:

  • Follow-up during the whole process of creating, design, development and all this involves;
  • Specialized team in product development and sourcing;
  • Detailed assessment of the suppliers current in the market to understands the ones that fits your requirements from our network;
  • High quality fabrics and finished products;
  • Deadlines accomplishment, having in mid the current panorama of the fashion industry in Portugal;
  • Made in Portugal (a high quality level reference);
  • Sustainable oriented process (fair production, ethical chain of suppliers, transparency, sustainable materials);
  • Updated to the fashion and sustainability trends.

One of our goals is to present a personalized service. That can make the most of the investment of our customers in Portugal. We are the right sustainable partner for international and mature brand, in Portugal.

So, know more about the fashion industry and how we can help you right here:

The Current Economic Model Doesn’t Work Anymore In The Fashion Industry

New Generation Materials Are Conquering The Fashion Market

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Orange Slip on

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STYLE: Slip on

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REF: 246788
STYLE: Sneaker

Calm Purple Sneakers

REF: 8964
COLOR: Purple
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Cream High Sneaker

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Orange Sandals

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STYLE: Sandals

square toe boots

REF: 2345324
COLOR: Black
STYLE: Boots

Sustainable pineapple sneaker

REF: 896743
COLOR: Cream
STYLE: Sneaker

knee High black boot

REF: 52891
COLOR: Black

Puff sneaker

REF: 97123673
COLOR: Green
STYLE: Sneaker

Black mocassin

REF: 653902
COLOR: Black
STYLE: Mocassim

Party Sneakers

REF: 562902
COLOR: Pattern
STYLE: Sneaker

Brown mocassin

REF: 127356
COLOR: Brown
STYLE: Mocassim


REF: 897263
COLOR: White
STYLE: Sneaker

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