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Weekly Digest – Issue #20

On this week’s episode of Weekly Digest we present the latest news for all the fashionholics out there! We have vegan options on our menu too!

nw brand


If you are thinking about creating a new brand check these steps, don’t be fooled, avoid newbie mistakes and save some bucks!




We are not talking about food here! So don’t be disappointed for the lack of quinoa and avocado pictures in this post. We are actually talking about shoes, animal and eco-friedly vegan shoe options. Click and see for yourself.




And the finalists of the CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund are… (insert suspense sound here) We won’t tell you, you lazy ass… open the link!

Weekly Digest – Issue #6

This week’s news are all about sustainability! Get to know eco-friendly brands and learn some tips on how to shop conscious by clicking the pictures below.

Ethical wardrobe news

It’s our job as consumers to have a more responsible attitude when it comes to binge shopping, clothes have an entire lifecycle and it’s time to make changes so we make them last longer. Check this super helpful article that gives you tips on how to become a more ethical consumer, starting by your wardrobe.

ace and jig news

Hand made in India Ace & Jig tells a history through their artisanal fabrics. The design and quality of this beautifully made pieces built a fan base among the fashion lovers that crave for unique and long lasting clothes, proving that sustainable fashion can be #trending.

FEIT news

Feit is for boys Feit is for girls, these unisex flip-flops were inspired by the geishas sandals, but there is a twist to it, they are made of bamboo! Know more about Feit and it’s flip-flops above!


Weekly Digest – Issue #5

This week’s news are right here! Click on the pictures to know what has been happening!


The footwear sector in Portugal gets for the first time equal pay for the employees who perform duties at the same level as professional classification, regardless the gender.

Environmentally Friendly Fashion

The fashion industry is known for not being that kind for the environment so how cool would it be who have a full sustainable clothing range? Know more about this eco-friendly fashion initiative right here.

Gucci Home Delivery

Exactly what you read, just like a pizza, now you can have a pair of Gucci shoes at your door in 90 minutes. Farfetch is the company behind it, so thank you, does it come with garlic bread?

Calvin Klein

After the hotness overload with the Moonlight cast, Calvin Klein brings it again this time under the direction of the legendary Sofia Coppola. Watch the video that celebrates all women right here!