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Weekly Digest – Issue #56

This week, 3 new aticles about the industry we love so much. Take a look at the best Street Style at Coachella, and learn all about H&M and Moschino collaboration. Also, a new type of influencers: 60’s are the new 20’s! Enjoy!


Coachella officially kicks off the summer concert season—and, unofficially, marks the start of summer fashion. Check out hte best looks spotted there!


H&M confirmed its latest designer collaboration, with Italian fashion brand Moschino. The announcement, which is always one of the most anticipated on the fashion calendar, came via an Instagram live call from Gigi Hadid to the designer.


In what’s being called a ‘Greynnaisance,’ fashion brands are enlisting older models and influencers to entice oft-ignored Baby Boomers and younger fans on social media.

Weekly Digest – Issue #55

A new Friday arrives with your usual weekly reading material. We all know that the fashion industry is changing, but what exactly is happening and why? Read more about the decrease of mega-influencers and the new reality for Fast Fashion brands. Also, a few lessons we can learn from this year’s pop culture. Happy weekend!



In the world of social media stars, it may seem logical to assume that bigger is better. The more followers, the more people an influencer can potentially reach, right? Well, not exactly. Fashionista explains the reasons.


Fast fashion down

H&M CEO Karl-Johan Persson says “The fashion industry is changing fast. At the heart of the transformation is digitalization, and it is driving the need to transform and rethink faster and faster.” But  what exactly is changing? Read all about it!


Pop culture

You can pick up some of this summer’s best looks by wallowing in TV, film, music and even an environmental exhibition at the V&A. Explore these trends!


Weekly Digest – Issue #14

Rihanna is about to release something major. Clothes with no gender. Ghostwriting. These are this week’s big news, scroll down and know more!



It’s happening again! We are counting the days! For the third and final time, Rihanna and Mr.Manolo Blahnik are joining forces and doing some magic. Get a sneak peek of these shoes that could easily be crown jewels.


no gender

No barriers, no gender! It’s nothing new in the fashion world, but it’s rising into bigger proportions. A lot of brands are stepping into unisex design so we give you this 8 labels list who are doing it right!



Ghostwriting is a familiar term in the literary world, but in the social media where millenials become influencers it became a new form of business. Yes, your favorite instagrammer, blogger or youtuber has probably used their services and yes you will know everything about it right here.