New Generation Materials Are Conquering The Fashion Market

New generation materials, which include alternatives to animal-derived raw materials, are rapidly conquering the fashion market. Studies show increasings in innovations in this area. Plus the amount invested last year more than double compared to 2020.

According to the most recent study of the Materials Innovation Institute, the number of companies investing in new generation materials has increased to 95. In comparison to 74 in the previous study, and 55 created after 2014.

Furthermore, among these new companies, five work on silk alternatives. Other five work on wool options. Four work on new possibilities that can replace fur. Other three are in the down area. And one are emerging into exotic leathers and other types of leather, with some working in more than one area.

Science and technology; consumer preferences; and trends in legislation are the principle factors that are contributing to accelerate the creation of next and new generation materials in the industry.

With so many new generation raw material options hitting the market, brands and consumers will soon have more choices that go beyond the current options, such as: leather; wool; silk; down; fur and exotic animal skins. Studies also show that the number of fashion brands that are trying to adopt new generation materials are growing. Because they are actively looking for next-generation materials. In order to integrate them on their supply chains; promote sustainability and customers satisfaction.

Fashion Businesses

Since the fashion industry is considered as one of the most pollutants of the world, companies that operate in it are trying to be more concerned about their impacts. Furthermore, consumers are more aware of their purchases, searching for more sustainable and eco-friendly options including materials. Plus, many brands in the fashion industry have specific public goals and promises to achieve measurable improvements in sustainability. So, having in mind the significant impact that raw materials have on brands ecological footprint. It is expected that their goals can be achieved through the transition from incumbent (and current generation) materials to new generation alternatives.

However, there are barriers to the adoption of these alternative raw materials, namely their large-scale availability. Industry still does not produce sustainable options at scale to meet the performance, aesthetics and price demands of brands. Still, there are few options that meet the brands’ specifications and their sustainability goals. While the industry are not yet 100% sustainable from start to finish, moving to next-generation materials will definitively lead to a significantly positive environmental impacts.

Our Considerations: New Materials And Sustainability

Now is the time to embrace sustainable innovation, both to create a livable future on Earth and to create a better future for the textile and footwear industries. We think that there are amazing opportunities to explore. And, of course those companies who are quick to adapt, will easily have the potential to reap great financial benefits by asserting their place in the future of the industry. The future is greener, and more sustainable which obviously include new generation materials, and innovative fabrics and ways to incorporate them in a more sustainable way.

Furthermore, we think that there is an urgent need to reduce the production using virgin resources. This will allow products to be recycled in the technical cycle or decomposed in biodegradable cycles.

When companies are determined to protect the world against further pollution and contamination by non-degradable synthetic waste, it is amazing how an huge amount of creative ideas immediately come to mind! With time spent on searching for alternatives, professionals in these areas will discover many incredible ways to be part of a more sustainable world.

Our company and service can help you see fashion through a more sustainable point of view. We provide a high-quality and integrated service in sustainable shoe collections development and footwear sourcing & manufacturing in Portugal. Plus, we also advise all our clients during the whole process. Do quality control and delivery of the collection. We can make your collection with the best sustainable and innovative materials that we ethically source.

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