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We can use eco-friendly materials

Sustainable fashion is the future and that’s our vision and commitment. Rest assure that your shoes and products will be made with recycled and sustainable materials, without ever compromising their quality and functionality. If you want to develop a sustainable brand, we have the right materials and factories to work with.


The waste parts of the pineapple are perfect to make shoes, who had thought! It’s not only a good sustainable material that helps our planet, but is also good for the pineapple farms, that don’t have to waste the skin of this fruit.

Recycled PET Plastic

In the process of recycling PET plastic, a thread is created. We use this in various parts of our products. Not only we are giving a second life to these bottles, we are helping the environment by not letting this resource go to waste.

Recycled Tire

Used tires are perfect for create the soles of shoes. Their moldable and flexible characteristics make it perfectly resistente for every day use and more extreme uses.


It is still very conventional, but corn has already been used in the production of sneakers, more specifically their insole due to wear resistance and breathability function.

Coconut Fiber

The fabric produced using coconut fiber is called Nullarbor. Its production requires little use of soil, water and energy resources.

Apple Peel

There are several options of vegan leather available nowadays. This one was found in apple peels, a way to reduce food waste and at the same time use a biodegradable material that in the end result resembles real leather. It is breathable, durable, resists UV radiation and contains no chemicals.

Rice Husk

The rice husk is used in order to reduce waste and because it takes up to 5 years to decompose, making it harmful to the soil. For this reason and due to some of its properties it started to be used in the production of shoe soles.

Cactus leather

Cactus leather is a vegan alternative from the traditional leather. It is made from cactus leaves, a raw material which grows in abundance with very little water. This material is made from Opuntia Cactus and has been developed in Mexico. Adrián López Velarde and Marte Cázarez are the inventors of the material and the founders of the company behind it – Desserto.

More materials

Those are just some examples of the long list of sustainable materials that we are able to work with. There are more incredible materials out there that are being discovered as sustainable materials alternatives as we speak. Contact us if you want to discover more materials and we assure to have the perfect one to develop your product.

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