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Weekly Digest – Issue #57

It’ s a new Friday, and that means a new weekend but also 3 new articles for you to enjoy! Check out the young designers who are working for a sustainable fashion revolution. Also, learn how sneaker brands are building a hype! And now that Spring is coming, check the best coats and jackets for ALL ages. Enjoy your weekend.

all ages

It might be warm now but come evening, the temperatures always drop. Thankfully, spring is the time to add fun and colour to outerwear: check the best spring coats and jackets for all ages.



The ways fashion, sneaker, and streetwear brands conjure up “cool” are as old as the sun. It’s a well-known fact that hype multiplies. Here’s how it goes from zero to one.



While eco-friendly fashion has never had particularly glamorous connotations, the best designers of a new generation are stitching sustainability into everything they do.


What does it take to launch a successful fashion brand? Oh, who wouldn’t love to have the right answer to this question? This week, we have the answer! Also, we focus on “The Drop” year and a trend that you’ll be seeing a lot this season: tights. Read on!

Artboard 1

How do you get the attention of major department stores? And what is the future of New York Fashion Week? These are some of the questions various designers try to answer. Read the article!


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Luxury fashion adopted the streetwear scene’s preferred method of retail in 2017. But is the hype model sustainable in the long term?


Artboard 2

This season, there is good news for aficionados: tights are back. Love it or hate it, read the article to know more about one of the ‘it’ trends for Fall.

Prints and Graphics Trends Women SS/18 : Youth Tonic

Check out the new prints and graphics trends that you will see on the SS/18 runways, incorporated in the Youth Tonic Vision.

Driven by a new youthful spirit, Youth Tonic’s brash confidence encourages bolder, more expressive designs, prints become liberated, as designers get creative with mark-making textures and embrace the imperfect bolder and heavier brush strokes feel new for this work in progress story, adding an anarchic edge to textiles.
Rebellious, independent spirit. The rise of Vetements fuels a mainstream appetite for this offbeat look. Inspired by subversive energy, punk undertones and retroclub culture permeate young women’s graphics for SS/18, updating staples back-to-school silhouettes such as the graphic t-shirt.


Get to know who is out and who is here to stay in the fashion showbiz in this week’s Weekly Digest. Click on the pictures to know more.


What is it? A T-shirt. What size? An  XL. There’s no room for error, it is what it is and the logo explains it. Check out the literal and self explanatory graphic trend the hot labels are using!


It’s a cold cold world for lovers and this cool streetwear romance is over, at least for now. Read the breakup story that broke our closet heart.


If you love couture you know this big fashion house (more like a castle), Valentino.  Pierpaolo Piccioli explains how he does it in the “Art of Style” series for M2M. Watch some of his brilliance in the video behind the link.