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Created in 1973, Première Vision is a unique platform for exchanges in the fashion industry. Twice a year, the show brings together in one place all the resources needed to build ready-to-wear, footwear, and costume jewelry collections. It is a real business accelerator for the global fashion industry!

This grouping of actors allows to:

  • Understand new trends to offer inspiring fashion information throughout the year;
  • Understand the global challenges of the sector;
  • Think about the future of fashion: eco-responsibility and fashion Tech;
  • Connecting all markets players through the development of the first online Marketplace (launched in 2018).

The show’s approach is based on innovation and the search for constant quality.

Première Vision organizes 14 events per year, with over 180 000 international visitors and 5 200 major players. Première Vision is a very good opportunity for our company. We were able to discover new suppliers and new innovations that are responsible for the planet. Sustainability and innovation are two very important aspects for us, and we have many ideas to evolve further. For example, we have found some sustainable alternatives like buttons inspired by nature or sustainable leather.

Many innovations are being made to be able to transform organic materials (like bamboo, wood, organic cotton, kapok flower, abaca, banana Agri waste, recycled cotton, vegetal fiver…) into textiles.

We have also discovered a new entirely organic process with 100% complete reuse and reintegration of the solid waste and processed water to the environment.

In terms of innovation, we discovered new high-performance processes such as the TechStyle 3D printer.

It is essential for us to learn about new products, meet new players and develop business opportunities!

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