What Is The Link Between Carbon Footprint & Sneakers?

The whole word wears sneakers… We wear sneakers so often that we no longer question its composition. How is the masterpiece of all our wardrobes produced? Where is it produced? What is its impact on the planet?

According to the GoodPlanet Foundation, the carbon footprint “is a unit for measuring the impact of human activities on climate change”. It measures the quantity of greenhouse gases and in particular CO2 emitted during an action. This carbon footprint therefore measures the impact of our consumption on the environment and the planet.

According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the carbon footprint of a pair of trainers is about 14 kilos of CO2. The sports footwear business is currently worth some 9 billion euros.

The problem is that the trainer is complicated to design, it is composed of many elements: the sole, the laces, the eyelets… all the materials come from all over the world… all this makes this product very polluting.

With so many sneakers being used it was impossible for us not to look at more responsible ways of manufacturing ways for our planet!

More sustainable materials

Alternatives for more responsible production:

  • recycled basket from plastic bottles;
  • natural materials: hemp, linen, lyocell, viscose;
  • recycled polyester;
  • innovative materials (wooden heels, recycled tires…).

These materials/textiles can be certified with the following labels: GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), OCS (Organic Content Standard).

Furthermore, many responsible brands are working to develop the most environmentally friendly sneakers possible!

Because every action is important, here are our tips:

  • when your sneakers are damaged, you can have them repaired in specialized shops.
  • for pairs you don’t like, you can sell them on second-hand websites (like Vinted, for example) or donate them to a charity.
  • old pairs that are no longer wearable, put them in suitable collection bins.

By changing our consumption, we can make a difference and make our planet better!

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