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MEN STYLE | Boots with Suits

We know that now a days men are so in to fashion as women and thats why we are here to help you out at this winter. Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can opt out of wearing a suit when you need it. It just means you’ll have to wear it a little more strategically, starting with your shoes. Of course, if you’re wearing a suit, you don’t want to strap on some furry pair of arctic moon boots and completely ruin your look. You also don’t want something that won’t stand up to the elements. What you need is a sturdy boot with clean lines.1 2 3

TREND | Kitten Heel Boots

There are plenty of boot trends to choose from this season, but there’s only one that is trulymeant for walking: the kitten heel boot. Set at the perfect height to put a little pep in your step (without also making your feet hurt), this season’s kitten heel boot comes in an array of styles from animal print to suede slouchy and even knee-high styles.1 2

TREND | Hiking Boots

Hiking is the miller’s pleasure … and we have a new opportunity to style our hiking boots. Anyone who loves his hiking boots , but believes that they can only wear them in the mountains, is wrong and has not noticed anything of the new trend. Hiking boots are not only super comfortable and sturdy, you can also experience a lot in them. Especially the combination with  animal print makes the look super exciting and sexy. Whether you grab the animal top, coat or skirt is up to you. Main thing wild!1 2

TREND | Flat Ankle Boot

Simple in attitude, sure, but don’t underestimate the flat ankle boot. This fall we’re urging you to push the outfit boundaries by styling a pair with cocktail dresses or other pieces that typically call for a heel. It adds a stylish flair and displays a whole lot of personality (plus, it’s unquestionably more comfortable).

The practicality aspects you’ve always loved about the flat boot are what makes it such a nice contrast for high-octane fashion pieces too. Try it as a finishing touch with sculptural jackets or oversized shapes.

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TREND | Western Boots

I don’t need to tell you cowboy boots are back (that’s old news now). However, you might be wondering how to wear them. Who would have thought we’d see the return of the Western silhouette? The Western silhouette is dominating this year, and you either opt for a subtle cowboy boot or go all-out Dallas. Then the animal print trend has made its way into footwear, as snakeskin boots are having a moment. Many of the styles out there have Cuban heels and square toes in black leather, which give them a modern update.

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TREND | Snakeskin Boots

Boots in bold hues like red and white were all the rage for fall, but lately we’ve been eyeing styles with texture, specifically those of an exotic nature such as snakeskin.The trend isn´t a surprise to anyone. With the movement towards animals prints, snakeskin is a natural evolution. But after seeing the amount of reptilian footwear on the runway, the street, and Instagram, I’m convinced that they’re just as neutral as black booties.

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