Fashion Consumers Are Changing

From the modifications that happened during the current pandemic, are emerging new types of fashion consumers. So, we decided to know more about this topic. And understand which are the different types of fashion consumers. As well as the changes that have been occurring, when it comes to consumers behaviors, thoughts and attitudes.

After a long time buying and wearing loungewear and comfortable pieces to wear at home, consumers will reinvigorate the formal wear business this year. Fashion categories that have proved resilient during lockdowns, such as: sleepwear, activewear and underwear, are starting to slow down, with more and more people returning to face-to-face work. So, consumers start to search more for formal dresses, ready-to-wear categories, business and cocktail outfits and many other type of pieces.

According to The State Of Fashion, there will likely be a greater appetite for experiences and self-expression as consumers look for more fun and energetic ways to dress, driving demand for new designs, bolder colors and creative combinations across all categories. On the other hand, some brands operating in categories like loungewear and leisurewear are starting to reduce inventory and launch less products. For example, the launch of activewear shorts and tops have a huge decrease. 20% in the US and 50% in the UK, at the end of 2021, compared to the same period in 2020, according to the StyleSage platform.

Different Types Of Fashion Consumers

In its Shopper Forecast 2022 study, the WGSN highlights that the emotional impact of the last two years will continue to affect consumers. This way, fashion consumers will maintain a certain contradiction in their purchasing decisions. So, as we said before, it’s important to know the differences between consumers. And to understand the currently changes on the industry to align strategies with all the businesses of the supply chain.

In this context, WGSN describes seven types of consumers: Hybrids; Those searching for value; Viral consumers; The apathetic activists; The stakeholders; The guardians of kindness; And intentional communities. Scroll down to know more about some of these groups of consumers.

Hybrid Consumers:

This type of consumer is tired of the lack of product in the store. As well as long waiting times to get the product. Hybrid consumers will look for what they want in different channels, through different ways, exploring the omnichannel experience that the brand provide. Furthermore, this consumers will look across multiple channels and platforms and opting for hybrid shopping. From apps to marketplaces, through physical stores, social networks and resale sites, these consumers will shop anywhere and choose the fastest and most guaranteed deliveries.

Consumers searching for value:

This type of consumers search for any kind of discount or promotion. They are price oriented and are more likely to buy a cheaper thing. They value price, and products that are in promotion.

Viral Consumers:

This consumers are the ones that share what they buy on social media, and search for inspiration for what they should buy ate these platforms. For example, the hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt is generating a new cohort of viral consumers who flock to the app to promote, discover and buy the most talked and popular items. With 1 billion active users, TikTok is redefining consumers’ decision-making journey.

74% of users say that the platform helps them make decisions. And 67% say it helps them learn more about a brand or product. This type of consumers like to search for fashion items at TikTok, or Instagram micro-influencers and creators. Furthermore, searching for inspiration, chasing trends and discovering emerging products or brands are their priorities. They wish that the buying journey of fashion products was simple as surfing on social media. Viral consumers also have in mind sustainable fashion (second hand), brands values, and ethical fashion.

Apathetic Activists:

Apathetic Activists are consumers that need to be encouraged by fashion brands to make more sustainable purchases and choices. They think that they are a true part of the change, but in fact they need to feel supported by the brands to follow a more sustainable fashion journey. These type of consumers need to feel that the fashion brands o make the buying process simple or reward ethical actions. While more people are buying products labeled as sustainable, many don’t seem to be avoiding companies or products that involve practices that exploit people or destroy the environment. This cohort is led by Generation Z, which has drawn attention to combating climate change and social justice. While in some cases, continuing to fuel the growth of fast-fashion.

Guardians of kindness:

This consumer is becoming more important within consumer groups, as people have become more aware of the need for initiatives that support those around them and the communities. This type of consumer gives priority to caring for others and compassion. WGSN says that brands that can demonstrate social responsibility by offering affordable ways for consumers to give back to causes that resonate with them will gain loyalty. The fashion brands that have this type of concerns will attract this type of consumers, and led them to loyalty and retention through visible actions and initiatives around generosity.

Our role:

As a fashion business we think, that the world is currently changing and so are the industry’s. Consumers tend to cluster themselves into groups that they think they fit better in. Wether because of sustainability, or social media, or any other kind of unifying factor. Businesses need to explore how to translate this new framework for healthy living into both the physical and digital worlds for diverse consumer communities.

So, know more about the fashion industry and how we can help you right here:

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