People Are Giving Up On Seasonal Wardrobes

Seasonal Wardrobes will no longer be a classic! The fashion industry is changing towards a more sustainable future, and so are the consumer’s needs and habits.

Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter wardrobes as we know them may become a thing of the past. And you are probably asking yourself why.

Our team have done some research in order to know more about this current change on the fashion industry. This way we are able to understand the opportunities of this trend. And what can possible be a barrier for the brands and other businesses in fashion, like us. But first, let’s understand which are the consumer habits when it comes to this theme.

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Consumer Habits Towards Less Seasonal Wardrobes

Seasons are not what they used to be. We have seen milder winters and rainy summers. And of course, we also have to adapt to this new reality of climate change. Furthermore, as consumers, our growing concerns about sustainability and a more conscious way of thinking and buying definitively changed our attitudes at the time of the purchase.

According to a consumer analyst from GlobalData, consumers are changing their purchasing habits, leaving aside the typical seasonal combinations and wardrobe in favor of a more comfortable and sustainable way of living.

Young people are actively looking for alternatives to fast fashion, which has been criticized for its negative impact on the environment. Actually, 32% of these young people want to know what steps brands are taking when it comes to sustainability. And are less concerned with the seasonal wardrobes and trends. On the other hand, they are more focused on obtaining items that coincide with their personal values. And that are durable and timeless.

As the fashion industry evolves, the seasonal calendar is becoming more and more obsolete. This happens because the world is turning a global place, people are traveling more and the weather is also becoming more unpredictable. Furthermore, as we have seen the covid-19 pandemic stopped many business and interfered on the fashion supply chain of many brands. So, consumers and brands have to adapt at a time when everything seems unpredictable, unexpected, and frenetic.

The Position Of Fashion Businesses

Despite considering this change very likely to happen and a generator of opportunities, we think that the success of this new fashion concept will depend on a greater trust and better communication between apparel suppliers, agents and buyers.

As we’ve seen since the first lockdown, many luxury brands have announced their intention to leave the runway calendar aside, pointing to the frenetic pace of fashion. Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, and Balenciaga are some of the brands that have chosen to set their own pace. And this has been unanimously accepted by consumers around the world, as evidenced by the latest report from global research platform Lyst. 

Many brands and fashion specialists believe that the elimination of the seasonal wardrobe is “a likely next step” in the fashion industry, for several reasons. 

The change to a seasonless calendar means: a greater reliance on timeless, essential pieces and shorter lead times. This can mean a great opportunity for brands.

So, we consider that if consumers are emerging into a new trend of a less seasonal wardrobes, brands and other fashion business have to align their strategies with these new behaviors.

All over the world, people are looking for alternatives to fast fashion. And, at the same time are disapproving the trends that are ephemeral. This is a serious reason to think that our seasonal wardrobes will soon be a memory!

So, know more about the fashion industry and how we can help you right here:

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