iTechStyle Summit 2022 Conference

8 June 2022

iTechStyle Summit 2022 was designed to stimulate all players from the design, fashion and textile industry. In order for them to explore, learn, share and network with contact industry innovators, technology providers, researchers, and other professionals from the clothing sector from around Europe.

The event was a three-day, face-to-face international conference on textile and clothing. And happened at Porto Cruise Terminal. This event is one of the most important global meetings in the textile world. Both in terms of launching the new challenges of the future and to frame the sector with the current economic environment. CITEVE in collaboration with the Associação Selectiva Moda organized the event, and it marks the return to the face-to-face model of it.

The conference featured the participation of renowned industry and academic experts. They shared their contributions on current trends, strategies, opportunities and challenges. Furthermore, with a focus on the following areas: Megatrends: the next steps; Decarbonization; New Business Models; Twin Transition: Green and Digital; Materials (R)evolution; Skills for Industry.

iTechStyle Summit 2022 opened at 10:30 am with the panel “The next steps”. It was focused on global megatrends. And featured contributions from António Braz Costa (CITEVE), Lisa Lang (The Power House Group), António Cunha (CCDR-n), Adriana Domingues (Adolfo Dominguez), and many others. This first panel was preceded by the welcome session, at 10 am, led by António Amorim, president of CITEVE. Furthermore, this 4th edition brought other presentations, interventions and debate panels of undeniable quality and interest for all the people involved.

Sustainability – iTechStyle Summit 2022

In the area of ​​sustainability, Ana Tavares points out the evolution registered since the last edition. She thinks that nowadays, the word “sustainability” has been transformed into many others, such as; decarbonization, transparency, traceability. Sustainability is no longer a buzzword and has defragmented into those practical issues that are what will make us develop the industry in a more responsible and ethical way.

One of the most important themes was the use of Circular Textiles and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Circular Textiles | iTechstyle Summit 2022

Furthermore, diversity, love, people, collaboration, sustainability, digitalization and innovation are some of the most important words and themes that almost every specialist highlight during their presentations at the Summit.

The iTechStyle Summit 2022 has contributed to the dissemination of Portugal and the industry as innovators in terms of textiles and clothing. This event means the international recognition of Portugal as an innovative country. The European Technological Platform wants to combine its annual conference with the iTechStyle Summit in 2023, doing it in Portugal, which also means that our partners recognize the value of our industry.

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