Footwear: exports went up 25% since January

18 May 2022

In the first quarter of the year, Portugal exported 21 million pairs of shoes. The results show an increase of 25.2%, which are very good results. So, we have decided to analyze the available data of the footwear industry. In comparison to the same period of 2021. So, exports during the first quarter generated 493 million euros for the sector.

The portuguese footwear industry is growing in almost all the most relevant markets, thus in Europe there was a growth of 23.2%. The countries that deserve more attention are: Germany (increased 17%); France (expanded 24,2%); Netherlands (28,7%); and UK (29,5%), which means a good performance. However, APPICAPS, the sector association places special focus on the growth of national footwear in extra-community markets. In the United States the evolution was 64.8%, to 22 million euros. In Canada, Portuguese footwear also grew 62%, to 5 million euros, while in China the balance was 96%, to 3.8 million euros, and in Japan it was 37.4%, to 2.5 million euros. of euros.

After 2 years of living in a pandemic, the huge growth in extra-community markets, definitively represents an evolution. This allows the professionals on the industry accentuate the sector’s strategy, specially, emerging in a deep way its presence in markets with high growth potential.

The players on the industry say that exports grew not only compared to the previous year, but also surpassed comparing with the year before the pandemic. Therefore, despite all the external problems and negative impacts, the indicators suggest that 2022 will be a year of affirmation for the Portuguese footwear in terms of international markets.

While the exports round the 95% of its production, the footwear sector also achieves new destinations. In 2021 like Anguila, Madagáscar, Libéria, Zimbabwe, Namíbia, Malawi e Benim.


Of course we cannot forget that this is another atypical year. The industry started with very positive results, but the uncertainties at this point are very high. The very significant increase of the raw materials cost, directly or indirectly as a result of the war in Ukraine, will always influence the overall results of companies at the sector. Still, the global consumption of footwear is expected to grow by around 6%, which is already a very interesting increase.

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