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Stylish 2020 Bag Trends : Part One

The New Yer is here !! New year, new decade, new trends, which calls for a major wardrobe refresh. But if that seems daunting, accessories are an easy way to start switching up your style. From the fashion week runways, there are wearable fringed designs to oversize bucket bags to other trends that might not be for everyday occasions, but dang, do they look gorgeous—think micro purses and rhinestone-studded styles. If you’re in need of new fashion inspiration for your bag collection, browse through all these dreamy silhouettes in various textures and materials to find your favorite. Here are some stunning bag trends you’ll want to wear throughout 2020—and beyond.

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2020 Shoes Trends : Part One

The 2020s are here ! And what better way to welcome the New Year, I mean ~decade~, than with new shoes?! From aqua-blue sporty Mary Janes to woven ballet flats, there is a huge range to choose from to tickle your fancy. But those who still yearn for the good old days of 2019, do not fret—the ubiquitous sneaker (with some fun updates), the square-toe shoe, and more are here to stay.

Whatever your preference, these shoe trends have you covered for 2020, and some are great for all year long. You’ll feel ready to take on whatever the decade has in store, at least in terms of footwear. Check the first part here and you’re welcome!

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