Weekly Digest – Issue #147

Staying home has become the new norm for some (for now, at least), and that goes for usually on-the-go celebrities too. Given this newfound interest in what to wear for days spent at home, we took some time and perused dozens on celebrities’ Instagram accounts for style inspiration. Along the way, we spotted plenty of loungewear trends, both new and older, that celebs are embracing. Read more.

When thinking about trends for next season, there are two major indicators for what styles we can expect: the fashion from the runways. and the fashion from the streets. The spring/summer 2020 runways gave us a good indication on what new pieces will be popular, while the street style showcases what people are actually wearing from said runways. Read more.
Among the world’s best watchmakers, Rolex was the first to announce it would temporarily shutter as the global COVID-19 pandemic worsens. Now, the rest of the industry is quickly following suit. Read more.

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