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Weekly Digest – Issue #55

A new Friday arrives with your usual weekly reading material. We all know that the fashion industry is changing, but what exactly is happening and why? Read more about the decrease of mega-influencers and the new reality for Fast Fashion brands. Also, a few lessons we can learn from this year’s pop culture. Happy weekend!



In the world of social media stars, it may seem logical to assume that bigger is better. The more followers, the more people an influencer can potentially reach, right? Well, not exactly. Fashionista explains the reasons.


Fast fashion down

H&M CEO Karl-Johan Persson says “The fashion industry is changing fast. At the heart of the transformation is digitalization, and it is driving the need to transform and rethink faster and faster.” But  what exactly is changing? Read all about it!


Pop culture

You can pick up some of this summer’s best looks by wallowing in TV, film, music and even an environmental exhibition at the V&A. Explore these trends!


Weekly Diggest – #8

This Weekly Diggest  introduces you to the launch of an  It Girl collection, some cool T-shirt’s and a display of shoes made in heaven. Know it all by clicking on the pictures.


It’s taken her awhile, but it was obvious, her future was already written and we won’t have to wait much longer, Alexa Chung’s collections is about to be released, know when right here!


His shoes are art on feet and every women always wished to have one pair decorating that closet shelf as her beloved ask her to marry, you know that epic Carrie Bradshaw moment, well now you can see the most iconic Manolo Blahnik shoes displayed, not in our closet unfortunately, but in Russia at The State Hermitage Museum. Go take a look at paradise!

gucci tee

Angelica Hicks’s is only 24 years old, yes pretty young indeed, however her girlish cartoonish portraits are a big thing in the fashion world. From drawings for Net a Porter to Tory Burch, now was Gucci’s turn, check her lovely T-shirt collection here!