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Weekly Digest – Issue #21

On this edition of Weekly Digest we give you some reading material for your weekend. Sit down, relax, sip on white wine and enjoy.




M.I.A is one of the baddest girls in the hip hop business and her style reflects just that! To celebrate her dope sense of fashion she decided it was the right time to launch her own merchandising line. So in collaboration  with Astrid Andersen, she created a laid back street wear collection straight from the hood! Know more right here!




World Wide Shoes! A complete list of independent brands, who are doing it right and conquering the globe, just like us single ladies! Check this 14 footwear brands now.



“Listen” this ladies, sportswear brands have a main goal right now, which is: pleasing us! Activewear used to pay more attention to men, but not now, not anymore! So instead of athletes they picked bloggers and models to get our attention!