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Men’s Footwear Trends | AW18/19

On today’s post we show you a sneak peek of the biggest shoe trend  for Men in AW 18/19 season.


TAKEAWAYS: Arts + Crafts Elements | Maker Movement Inspired | Quilting and Crochet | Recycled Yarns | Painterly Palette | Open Source Design | Lost Traditions New Again | Crafty, Quirky Accessories | Grunge Undercurrent | Torn Cable Knits



TAKEAWAYS: Earth’s Natural Elements | Heritage Outdoor Brands | Smart Surfaces | Low-Tech Technology | Earthen Palette with Brights | Weather-Proof Materials | Lush Terrains | Eco Scientist | Reflective Surfaces | Campground Detailing



TAKEAWAYS: Focus on Heritage Mills | Textural Tweeds | Collision of Eras | Heavy Scotland Influence | Ancestral Elements | Traditional Silhouettes | Updated Plaid & Herringbone | Hand-Knit Soft Goods | Long-Lasting Leathers Military Detailing



TAKEAWAYS: Monk Meets Samurai | Sacred Spaces | Dark Zen Inspired | Japanese Superheroes | Tokyo Nights + Neon Lights | Japanese Simplicity + Utility | Samurai Detailing | Simple Complexities | Uniforms Fuse with Sport | Unexpected Creativity


Women’s Footwear Trends | AW18/19 – Part 2

We are here again with part II of the AW 18/9 trends for women’s footwear.

Lay back and enjoy!



TAKEAWAYS: Of the Earth | Digital Footprint | Retreat | Hybrid Innovation | Apothecary | Natural + Digital | Experimentation | Discovery | Earth’s Natural Elements | Weather-Proof Materials


cocoonTAKEAWAYS:  Of the Earth | Midi Wrap Skirt | Tailored Joggers | Apothecary | Discovery | Earth’s Natural Elements |Confy



TAKEAWAYS: Asymmetric | Wide Leg | Tailored items | Power Dressing | Mastery



TAKEAWAYS:  Craft Co-Op | Collaboration | Feminism | Community | Luxe Joggers | Sweater Dress


Forget Stan Smith Style.

Everyone loves a bit of nostalgia and the ugly trainers from the 90,s are back in fashion! There are some outrageous pairs on the market… but you’d have to be VERY brave to wear these shoes.

The style overhaul has seen the rise in boast chunky soles, clashing colours and a mix of materials.

If you need some convincing in order to give this trend a try, allow us to present some pairs that just might align with your own personal style preferences. Browse the images below to find a chunky sneaker pair that’s just for you.


Prancheta 1 Prancheta 2Prancheta 3Prancheta 5 Prancheta 6

Boots to wear with Skinny Jeans

There is always a good reason to have coolest boots! This time we will show you that works with your skinny jeans.

If you’re in the market for a new pair, you can take this as an inspiration of five boot styles that work just as well with denim as they do with your favourite off-duty look.


Dr Martens Modern Classics Smooth 1460 8-Eye Boots, at ASOS



ALDO Cirelle Pull On Sock Boot in Emerald Green, at ASOS



Black low boot, at ZARA



Over-the-Knee boots, at ZARA



Black Pearl Embellished Ankle Boots, at UTERQUE