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Weekly Digest- Issue #12

Weekly news alert! We got some juicy fashion information for you to digest this week, check below and see what has been going on with some big fashion houses and your favorite furniture store!



Stella McCartney has been a big eco fashion supporter for awhile. This time the designer has joined forces with Parley of the Oceans, an organization that works to end the destruction of marine life, to create something new, innovative and as usual, awesome!



LVMH finally got a new e-commerce platform with your favorite high end brands, Paul Andrew from Salvatore Ferragamo designed a special collection for it’s launch, go have a sneak peak!


ikea bag 1

After all that buzz with the blue ikea inspired Balenciaga bag, the furniture retailer decided it would be nice to collaborate with a fashion brand and “re-design” the bag. Smart move right? Know which designer joined in and see what he created!