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Why do I need a Tech Pack?

If you’re in the fashion business and looking to create a shoe collection, you may know you need a Tech Pack to start. Simply speaking, a Tech Pack is the blueprint of your design, containing everything you need to tell the supplier and the manufacturer.

But if we want to go more detailed, a Tech pack is a set of documents created by a designer or other professional to explain the design to a manufacturer so they can turn the information into a shoe. The more detailed it is, the less room for mistakes. Many contractors and factories won’t take work unless the designer provides a clear Tech Pack. And to get a price about what you’re looking to produce, you should do a Tech Pack, so the agency or factory can study information such as material, consumption, time it takes for each process etc .

Why is a Tech Pack so important?

  • It tells the shoe factory the name of each part of your design.
  • It details what each shoe part is made of.
  • It tells the shoe factory what color every part is.
  • It tells who supplies each material to the shoe factory.




So, to achieve these goals, your Tech Pack should include:

  • Shoe Last

This is the solid form around which a shoe is molded. Tell us the kind of design, shape and volume you want in your shoes, so we can achieve the perfect fit by using the right Shoe Last. You can send an example of a physical shoe you already have from another brand.


  • Look and finishing of the shoe

The finishing is one of the most important processes because it has a direct influence on what the final product will look like. In the finishing process, the heels/soles are attached, trimmed and cleaned with sandpaper for a smooth finish. So if you want your shoe to be perfect, make sure you don’t skip this step.


  • Details

You should provide all the details possible, such as materials, laces, the soles, lining, etc. Be as most specific as you can so there’s no room for error.


When the shoe is finished, the tech-pack is used as a reference to verify if you got what you asked for and if you didn’t, it’s the tool for proving what the standards were, which is very important when producing with contractors or overseas. It may take additional time to create a tech pack in the beginning, but when calculated the actual time and cost, Tech Pack saves time and money in each processes both in product development and production phase.