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Global and local. A $700 sock with a sole that became the hottest sneaker in fashion. And the green age kicks. These are this week’s big highlights, so scroll down and know more!

global and local

Without a vast budget to promote sales each season, and, crucially, a money-spinning accessory line to fund the clothes, how can designers keep a personal identity? From Manish Arora’s international appeal to the youthful French twist at Atlein and Jacquemus, designers conquer the language barrier.


it sneaker

In New York City and other fashion capitals, one unusual breed of shoe is turning up over and over: Sock sneakers. Right now the style is exemplified by Balenciaga’s Speed Trainers. They cost $595 to $695. But what makes them so wanted?



It seems that the fashion industry has finally woken up. Gucci’s scrapping fur; Russian entrepreneur Miroslava Duma is investing in sustainable innovations in textiles.  They are a lesson in how sustainable clothing can also be cool.