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2018 Biggest Shoe Trends You Can Buy Right Now


The Portugal Shoes team made a extensive research in order to provide you the biggest shoe trends for 2018 and the places you can buy them right at this moment.

Stay with us in this journey, as we show you de 5 best shoe trends we found:


Prancheta 5-100

Like in clothes, the biggest trend for shoes in 2018 are the feathers in e-v-e-r-y place you can think of.


Prancheta 1-100

Cowboy boots are the perfect way to begin the year with the right foot. They work nicely when it’s freezing but they also can save you from the rain.


Prancheta 3-100

Transparency it’s the key! From boots to sandals, you can see this plastic shoes all over collections.


Prancheta 4-100

Block to stiletto there’s no one heel shape that rules more in 2018 like this curvy heels.


Prancheta 2-100

This Futuristic Trainers are highly detailed and comfortable. Make sure you get one pair of this beauties this year!