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Prints and Graphics Trends Women SS/18 : Slow Futures

Check out the new prints and graphics trends that you will see on the SS/18 runways, incorporated in the Slow Futures Vision.


Slow Futures develops the minimalist story, with a future informed by the past. Editorial graphics for S/S 18 mix paint and paper, photo and typography to create carefully curated prints with a sentimental sensibility.

Editorial graphics are updated with contemporary techniques such as photo splicing and masked or interrupted type. A nostalgic aesthetic is communicated through hand-rendered details and natural textures, while the essence remains minimal and delicately composed. A muted pastel palette refreshes the look for spring.



The return to slow process and craftsmanship celebrates a stripped-back approach to design. Themes of raw minimalism and abstraction a big influence. Sculpted shapes inspire soft geometrics for spring, with subtle textures that offset sharp angular lines.

Less is more for these carefully curated prints. Focus on negative space and masking techniques to reveal leftover abstract shapes. Mix solid shapes with subtle watercolor textures and fine lines to transform geometrics into a softer state.

Source Text:  WGSN


Spring/Summer 18: Trend Forecast Men Shoes

Today we introduce you to three more men shoe trends for SS18, incorporated in the Psychotropical Vision. Check them bellow and find the details of each one.


Plastic trims mold around the heel, toe, fastening and outsole. Recycled plastics come in bold synthetic tones, offering a slightly futuristic look for formal and active styles. Durable shells protect the toe, heel and underfoot, offering support across multiple terrains.


organic speckle

Men’s footwear has a relaxed approach for the season. Clean slip-on patterns exaggerate cleated outsoles, highlighting the importance of foot and ankle support. Soft-touch suedes and lycra skins offer modern sport and casual applications to classic footwear silhouettes.




Glistening and lustrous metallic finishes offer a directional approach for the season. Midnight navy, purple and smoke silver tones come in fine-sprayed effects to create unique looks for rubber outsoles and synthetic uppers. Materials reflect light, creating distinctive looks for low, mid and high heels.

Source Text: WGSN 

Prints and Graphics Trends Women SS/18 : Psychotropical

Check out the new prints and graphics trends that you will see on the SS/18 runways, incorporated in the Psychotropical Vision.

deep sea prints

Inky blotches, abstract shapes and painterly mark-makings imitate the enthralling skins of sea creatures. These psychedelic patterns become exaggerated and hyperreal tjanks to an intense and saturated color palette, juxtaposed against lush darks for glow-in-the dark effect. Scales vary from micro to macro for a renewed approach to the perennial favorite pattern.

hypnotic nights prints

For the high-summer drop, tones are more saturated and juxtaposed with lush darks fro a dramatic mood. An expressive brushstroke offers flora and fauna an abstract quality, achieved with oil pastels and lashing of vivid gouache. Outlines are bold and brash, paired with dizzying geometrics for a hypnotic feel.

Source Text: WGSN


Spring/Summer 18: Shoe Trend Forecast Women

Today we introduce you to two more women shoe trends for SS18, incorporated in the Youth Tonic. Check them bellow and find the details of each one.



A hedonistic spirit that celebrates all things bright and colorful underpins this direction, coupled with an evolved focus on DIY design. Look to early 1990’s clubwear to inspire profiles, and combine high-shine surfaces such as satins and mirrored metallics and glittering embellishments.




The art world is becoming a new focus for fashion, where style is prized regardless of age. With this, a host of new influencers is coming to the fore, ushering in a more liberated take on style. Tap into this trend with graphic heel shapes and bold color-blocking, offering a modular feel that feeds into the trend for DIY designs.

Source Text: WGSN 






Psychotropical is an evolution of the experience economy, focused on how nature will branch out to include virtual reality wonderlands.  Also, as digital increasingly incorporates the physical, expect ‘phygital’ design: making design more lifelike and emotionally compelling.










This trend offers an almost hyperreal take on nature, with stylized patterns, phenomenal textures and mesmerizing colour effects.

Source text: WGSN