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Weekly Digest – Issue #17

Hello there beautiful beings of the internet, it’s friyay! Which means, happy hour on your local pub and your dose of fashion news on our weekly digest! So while you sip on a mojito click on the pictures bellow and  get to know some of the brands you should keep an eye (or both) on!


Some of them you probably know, the rest you absolutely should search on your dear friend google. Take a look on this 40 Scandinavian Brands you will be definitely obsessing.



If you are wondering who is this person she is Rihanna’s stylist so it’s case to say: Shut up and take my money! One of each in every color thanks! Check Avigail’s collab with Liudmila Footwear.



It’s always surprising seeing the work of emerging brands and get inspired, but when there’s a Portuguese newcomer rising from the ashes with a beautiful concept and adorable designs, we just can’t handle the excitement! They presented their collection at Pitti Bimbo in Florence and we immediately surrendered to the cuteness overload! With the Made in Portugal stamp they are most definitely a promise in the childrenswear department. People are already joining the Barn and we are turning into monkeys ready to jump too!