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Weekly Digest – Issue #14

Rihanna is about to release something major. Clothes with no gender. Ghostwriting. These are this week’s big news, scroll down and know more!



It’s happening again! We are counting the days! For the third and final time, Rihanna and Mr.Manolo Blahnik are joining forces and doing some magic. Get a sneak peek of these shoes that could easily be crown jewels.


no gender

No barriers, no gender! It’s nothing new in the fashion world, but it’s rising into bigger proportions. A lot of brands are stepping into unisex design so we give you this 8 labels list who are doing it right!



Ghostwriting is a familiar term in the literary world, but in the social media where millenials become influencers it became a new form of business. Yes, your favorite instagrammer, blogger or youtuber has probably used their services and yes you will know everything about it right here.



Weekly Diggest – #8

This Weekly Diggest  introduces you to the launch of an  It Girl collection, some cool T-shirt’s and a display of shoes made in heaven. Know it all by clicking on the pictures.


It’s taken her awhile, but it was obvious, her future was already written and we won’t have to wait much longer, Alexa Chung’s collections is about to be released, know when right here!


His shoes are art on feet and every women always wished to have one pair decorating that closet shelf as her beloved ask her to marry, you know that epic Carrie Bradshaw moment, well now you can see the most iconic Manolo Blahnik shoes displayed, not in our closet unfortunately, but in Russia at The State Hermitage Museum. Go take a look at paradise!

gucci tee

Angelica Hicks’s is only 24 years old, yes pretty young indeed, however her girlish cartoonish portraits are a big thing in the fashion world. From drawings for Net a Porter to Tory Burch, now was Gucci’s turn, check her lovely T-shirt collection here!


Prints and Graphics Trends Women SS/18 : Psychotropical

Check out the new prints and graphics trends that you will see on the SS/18 runways, incorporated in the Psychotropical Vision.

deep sea prints

Inky blotches, abstract shapes and painterly mark-makings imitate the enthralling skins of sea creatures. These psychedelic patterns become exaggerated and hyperreal tjanks to an intense and saturated color palette, juxtaposed against lush darks for glow-in-the dark effect. Scales vary from micro to macro for a renewed approach to the perennial favorite pattern.

hypnotic nights prints

For the high-summer drop, tones are more saturated and juxtaposed with lush darks fro a dramatic mood. An expressive brushstroke offers flora and fauna an abstract quality, achieved with oil pastels and lashing of vivid gouache. Outlines are bold and brash, paired with dizzying geometrics for a hypnotic feel.

Source Text: WGSN


Prints and Graphics Trends Women SS/18 : Youth Tonic

Check out the new prints and graphics trends that you will see on the SS/18 runways, incorporated in the Youth Tonic Vision.

Driven by a new youthful spirit, Youth Tonic’s brash confidence encourages bolder, more expressive designs, prints become liberated, as designers get creative with mark-making textures and embrace the imperfect bolder and heavier brush strokes feel new for this work in progress story, adding an anarchic edge to textiles.
Rebellious, independent spirit. The rise of Vetements fuels a mainstream appetite for this offbeat look. Inspired by subversive energy, punk undertones and retroclub culture permeate young women’s graphics for SS/18, updating staples back-to-school silhouettes such as the graphic t-shirt.



Psychotropical is an evolution of the experience economy, focused on how nature will branch out to include virtual reality wonderlands.  Also, as digital increasingly incorporates the physical, expect ‘phygital’ design: making design more lifelike and emotionally compelling.










This trend offers an almost hyperreal take on nature, with stylized patterns, phenomenal textures and mesmerizing colour effects.

Source text: WGSN