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AW19-20 : Knee High Boots

Many of us are still clinging onto the last days of sandals, but it would appear that the fashion set are done and dusted with open toes—the time has come for boots. New York City has been mild enough to warrant backless dresses and bare legs, but its fashion week inhabitants are dead set on covering up their legs and feet, something we can be rather effectively achieved with a pair of full-on knee-high boots. It’s a shoe trend we predicted would catch fire quite a few months ago, but now the trend wheels are fully in motion, and there’s no slowing this autumn look down.

We’ve seen classics, like a pair of plain black pull-ons, as well more adventurous creations as long-line cowboy boots. In addition to the breadth on offer, we’ve also clocked that women are using them in myriad outfit combinations: It’s safe and easy to pair them with a printed midi dress, but others are opting to tuck jeans in or to go bare-legged with a short hemline. Keep scrolling to see the knee-high boot trends of 2019 and how they’re being worn.knee high boots


Women’s Footwear Trends | AW18/19 – Part 1

Today we will introduce you to the best AW18 / 19 Season trends.

From New Age Romance to Japanese Tailoring this next AW season will have trends for all tastes and wallets!

You can see below all the trends women will wear in their princess feets.


TAKEAWAYS: Future in the Past | Historic Royal Pieces | Wrap Skir | Mini Skirt | Modern Victorian | New Age Romance | Focus on Heritage | Textural Tweeds + Velvet | Tailored Wide Leg



TAKEAWAYS: Mastery | Modern Architecture | Japanese Tailoring | Fluid Volumes | Contrast and Balance | Smart Tailoring | Power Dressing | Simple Complexities | Sacred Spaces | Elements of Zen



TAKEAWAYS: Progressive Movement | Craft Co-Op | Hodgepodge | Collaboration | Feminism | Community | Art as Activism | Open Source Design | Retro Subculture Focus | Painterly Palette



TAKEAWAYS: Future in the Past | Historic Royal Pieces | English Monarchy | Modern Victorian | New Age Romance | Escapism | Collision of Eras | Traditional Silhouettes | Focus on Heritage | Textural Tweeds + Velvet