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Weekly Digest – Issue #23

It´s Friday, so it means that we have the latest fashion news to present to you. Click on the images below and see what has been going on fashion industry.

Custom Clothing

This article show a inside scoop in private appointments where customers plan out their wardrobes with the designer herself.

Fashion Art

Next we will explore homage and collaboraion from brands like Prada, Raf Simons, Rick Owens and more.


Finally, you can see how a utilitarian peasant shoe became a symbol of rebellion.

Prints and Graphics Trends Women SS/18 : Slow Futures

Check out the new prints and graphics trends that you will see on the SS/18 runways, incorporated in the Slow Futures Vision.


Slow Futures develops the minimalist story, with a future informed by the past. Editorial graphics for S/S 18 mix paint and paper, photo and typography to create carefully curated prints with a sentimental sensibility.

Editorial graphics are updated with contemporary techniques such as photo splicing and masked or interrupted type. A nostalgic aesthetic is communicated through hand-rendered details and natural textures, while the essence remains minimal and delicately composed. A muted pastel palette refreshes the look for spring.



The return to slow process and craftsmanship celebrates a stripped-back approach to design. Themes of raw minimalism and abstraction a big influence. Sculpted shapes inspire soft geometrics for spring, with subtle textures that offset sharp angular lines.

Less is more for these carefully curated prints. Focus on negative space and masking techniques to reveal leftover abstract shapes. Mix solid shapes with subtle watercolor textures and fine lines to transform geometrics into a softer state.

Source Text:  WGSN