The scarcity of resources has been affecting the fashion industry and the forecast is that world reserves will decline considerably. According to estimates such as the Global Footprint Network, humans used the equivalent of 1.7 of the planet’s natural resources in 2018. As oil, land and water feed the avid supply chain of the sector, from growing and livestock to water irrigation and oil extraction, what kind of alternatives do we have?

The spark of hope lies in the alternative renewable sources of food or marine and plant life. Laboratories and material startups have been experimenting with alternatives that have replaced natural ingredients for years, but it is the partnerships with avant-garde fashion brands that begin to streamline ideas with their unique luxury clothing and bags and their tennis launches for the niche market.

The growing demand for vegan or untested animal products will help the acceptance of biomaterials. A lot of big brands and new brands stopped using animal material and some of them already started using 100% natural and biodegradable materials to develop their collection, names as Stella McCartney, Reebok, Chanel and H&M.

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