Sónia Patrício

Sonia Patricio

Sónia Patrício

António de Almeida Lda. entitled as a representative firm in the Footwear Industry, was founded in S.Roque – Oliveira de Azeméis, during the year 1970 by António de Almeida andIdalina Conceição Silva.
In 1996 the brand Sónia Patrício was born for young, renewed, bold and casual line of footwear, representative of the modern and independent woman. Always paying attention to market developments, António de Almeida Lda puts its goal in customer satisfaction and its taste, attitude and fashion trends.
The company targets different sectors of women’s footwear, from classic to modern lines, and has its own collection which meets the customer’s needs by producing and developing the footwear models required.
António de Almeida describes his business journey as "growing in responsible way." Our main concern is our clients! They make us walk...

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