Luis Onofre


Luis Onofre

Luís Onofre was born in 1999, but my relationship with footwear predates that, as I belong to the third generation of the Conceição Rosa Pereira family, who works in this industry since 1939. I have always learned that to make shoes and accessories of extremely high quality, which fall into the luxury segment, is important to select high-class materials, as well as to combine innovation and technology with the level of detail of a handmade production.
The design of a shoe is a unique process that joins technique and inspiration together. Maybe that is why women fall so deeply in love with shoes.
It is such passion and impact that I try to honor in all Luís Onofre models, and that I see when actresses like Penélope Cruz or Naomi Watts, or icons like Michelle Obama, Laetizia Ortiz or Genoveva Casanova, wear them.

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