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Weekly Digest – Issue #57

It’ s a new Friday, and that means a new weekend but also 3 new articles for you to enjoy! Check out the young designers who are working for a sustainable fashion revolution. Also, learn how sneaker brands are building a hype! And now that Spring is coming, check the best coats and jackets for ALL ages. Enjoy your weekend.

all ages

It might be warm now but come evening, the temperatures always drop. Thankfully, spring is the time to add fun and colour to outerwear: check the best spring coats and jackets for all ages.



The ways fashion, sneaker, and streetwear brands conjure up “cool” are as old as the sun. It’s a well-known fact that hype multiplies. Here’s how it goes from zero to one.



While eco-friendly fashion has never had particularly glamorous connotations, the best designers of a new generation are stitching sustainability into everything they do.

Weekly Digest – Issue #56

This week, 3 new aticles about the industry we love so much. Take a look at the best Street Style at Coachella, and learn all about H&M and Moschino collaboration. Also, a new type of influencers: 60’s are the new 20’s! Enjoy!


Coachella officially kicks off the summer concert season—and, unofficially, marks the start of summer fashion. Check out hte best looks spotted there!


H&M confirmed its latest designer collaboration, with Italian fashion brand Moschino. The announcement, which is always one of the most anticipated on the fashion calendar, came via an Instagram live call from Gigi Hadid to the designer.


In what’s being called a ‘Greynnaisance,’ fashion brands are enlisting older models and influencers to entice oft-ignored Baby Boomers and younger fans on social media.

Weekly Digest – Issue #55

A new Friday arrives with your usual weekly reading material. We all know that the fashion industry is changing, but what exactly is happening and why? Read more about the decrease of mega-influencers and the new reality for Fast Fashion brands. Also, a few lessons we can learn from this year’s pop culture. Happy weekend!



In the world of social media stars, it may seem logical to assume that bigger is better. The more followers, the more people an influencer can potentially reach, right? Well, not exactly. Fashionista explains the reasons.


Fast fashion down

H&M CEO Karl-Johan Persson says “The fashion industry is changing fast. At the heart of the transformation is digitalization, and it is driving the need to transform and rethink faster and faster.” But  what exactly is changing? Read all about it!


Pop culture

You can pick up some of this summer’s best looks by wallowing in TV, film, music and even an environmental exhibition at the V&A. Explore these trends!


Weekly Digest – Issue #54

We know Paris Fashion Week was a long ago but Vogue presented us the best looks in a superb article and we couldn’t keep it to ourselves! Also, now that the sun is starting to show, you can start wearing Spring shoes! And read about the new and growing reality in the fashion business: resale. Here are three great articles to put you in a good mood for a new weekend!


PARIS Collections- The BEST LOOKS

Vogue took the best looks straight from the runways! Watch as Fall’s major must-haves—a stunning mix of handcraft, canny upcycling, and utilitarian glamour—make even the coolest girls smile. Bonjour, pure joy!



Somehow, when the weather starts to warm up, shoes are always the last thing to get the memo. Fashionista rounded up six top spring 2018 shoe trends, along with their favorite picks to shop.



The growth of resale — especially online — has been one of the biggest shifts in retail we’ve seen in recent memory. We knew resale was thriving, but were surprised to learn how quickly it may overtake other markets and shopping methods — including fast fashion. Read all about it!




Weekly Digest – Issue #53

AW18 runways were full of different trends, but we also saw a page turning this season: lots of racial diversity and transgender inclusivity. We’ll show you the best campaigns of the season and try to understand why retail has now such a big crush on sneakers. Happy Easter!

top 10 campaigns

As social media becomes increasingly saturated, brands are vying for attention through more creative, conceptual — and most importantly, clickable — seasonal campaigns. These efforts, as well as seven other standouts, made BoF’s selection of the top 10 campaigns of the season.

Racial Diversity

A report, which tracked diversity across the New York, London, Milan and Paris shows, revealed that overall, this was the most racially diverse and transgender-inclusive fashion month ever.


A rising tide of consumer interest pushed sneakers to the top of the hot product list, and limited edition collections kept them there as brands jockey for position.


Weekly Digest – Issue #52

A new weekly digest with 3 more articles for you to read this weekend! We present you some FW 18 shoe trends you can wear now so you don’t have to guess what everyone will be wearing! Also, millennials speak their minds about the place of fur in Fashion. And get to know the history of Donatella Versace, the woman who revived the family brand.


Fall is still months away — which means that all of the shoes shown on the fall ’18 runways are well beyond reach. Thankfully, there are plenty of trends that crossed over from spring ’18 to fall ’18. These five shoe trends from both seasons can be worn both at this time and later in the year.



When it comes to fashion, there is no topic more divisive than fur. Do you wear fur? What about leather? Do the aggressive tactics of protesters turn you off? And fundamentally, does fur have a place in fashion? Here’s what millennials think.


Versace Ressurection

Twenty-one years after her brother’s murder, Donatella Versace has revived the family brand. She tells everything about her journey from the darkness to the light.