The Top Shoes At Portugal Fashion

31 October 2017

Posted on September 18th, 2020 at 04:58 pm

Yes, we’re still not over Portugal Fashion! This October edition was not exception and Portugal Fashion featured a show supported by the portuguese footwear association – APICCAPS, where brands such as Ambitious, Dkode, Fly London, J. Reinaldo, NoBrand and Rufel showcased their shoe collections to the industry and all the universe.




These portuguese brands presented their shoe collection full of quality, design and sophistication with a portuguese trademark. We all know that great looks ask for great shoes, so have a scroll around this beautifully made footwear, crafted right here in Portuguese lands and presented in the kingdom of the north for all the remaining kingdoms out there. Made in Portugal with love and presented at Portugal Fashion with honor.



The brand reaches several commercial points and markets overseas. They presented a collection based on quality, innovation, comfort and above all enchantment by details, with the aim of surprising the consumers of any part of the world.





DKODE presented the Blossom collection, inspired by the blossoming of the brand and the botanical theme of French bucolic gardens. The collection seeks tobreinforce the feminine and vintage character of the brand, by mixing materials, colors and oversize applications, re-reading DKODE’s DNA.





Aimed at the global fashion market, Fly London is one of the most prestigious Portuguese footwear brands. In their collections, elegance and creativity coupled with a huge array of colors, stand out and attach us to the details and unusual materials used in these shoes.





Reinaldo´s collection is characterized by an urban, practical, but sophisticated style. Featuring sports silhouettes shoes with skins of different textures, completed with unique applications and details, reinforcing his individuality. The finishes denounce the exquisite Portuguese craftsmanship.






NOBRAND traveled on a time machine, using past collections as an inspiration and moment of celebration on this edition of Portugal Fashion. This collection was marked by several details of the brand’s first shoes, with some richer details and where the burned skin intersects with spikes and perforated with urban tenacity in pastel shades of sea and sand.




The Spring / Summer 2018 Rufel collection features neutral colors, smaller models, medium sizes, more practical and with glossy notes. The skins are 100% natural, with a soft touch and with laser engraving.






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