AW 18/19 Shoe Fashion Trends | Humanature

In an era driven by data, HumaNature explores a growing urge to trust our instincts. For accessories, footwear and jewellery, nature inspires decoration, materials and styling, and designs tap into concepts that are rugged, adaptable and nomadic.


This autumnal palette is emboldened with a folk richness and sees classic earth tones replaced with spicy shades and bold statement fashion colours. Foundations of Wine Berry, Raw Clay and Dark Sandstorm set the tone, while Red Heather, Rusted Gold and Fresh Pine uplift the palette and emphasise its natural character. Modern nomadic themes inspire the choice of Performance Blue, Scorched Saffron and Hiking Green, accented with metallic Gold and Orange.



Travel themes and an urge towards more physicality in our world see the concept of the modern nomad gain prominence across accessories and footwear. Utility inspires a DIY and adaptable approach to items and design details. Archaic wrapping, adjustable straps and performance fastenings are used for construction and decoration.



Protection from the elements and shifting climate is addressed in this direction. Quilting is a key focus for new scarves and youthful, practical bags and small accessories. Extreme geometric quilting offers a statement cold- weather look, creating a bundled and robust silhouette.



The utilitarian undertone of the HumaNature trend results in a contemporary military look for accessories and footwear. This direction is functional and uniform rather than antique and ornate, and focuses on hard-wearing materials and standard-issue items updated for the modern nomad.



Folk embroidery remains important for A/W 18/19, inspired by traditional embellishments from a fusion of cultures. Classic floral motifs are created with bold chunky threads alongside linear and rustic decorative patterns. A combination of leather, suede, silk and wool gives designs richness and depth.

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