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Your shoe agency in Portugal

Since 1999, Portugal Shoes has created a remarkable customer experience in the footwear design & development working with designers, brands and retailers from around the world.
We offer you the latest trends & styles one click away. More than a supplier, you will find a shoemaker that understands your needs, always keeping in mind your deadlines and impeccable quality.

Made in Portugal

Quality and meeting deadlines

We know how much your business means to you

Meeting deadlines and obtaining the highest quality are our biggest goals. We take pride in our expertise and know-how in the shoe industry, creating the ideal service for each client. Flexibility is one of our greatest assets, since we rely on a vast network of trustworthy suppliers to make sure your deadlines are met.

Mission and values

Portugal Shoes takes pride in working with international brands in the creation of excellent products with the highest quality, in the most environmentally friendly way. This way of thinking and working in the fashion industry is the future and Portugal Shoes strongly believes in this, partnering up with manufacturers and businesses with the same values.

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