90’s Shoes That Are Cool Again – Part 2

It’s Tuesday again and it’s time to keep on checking the 90’s models that we are using now a days.

Square Toes: After years of pointy toe perseverance, this clunky shape is having a minute in the style spotlight. And because it was low-key made cool by the Gucci loafer, how can you not be on board?

squared toes

Mules: Once confined to just the bedroom, this originally ancient Roman style was thought of as very risqué until it was finally worn out in public in 1694. Over 300 years later, Marilyn Monroe and other pin-up stars began rocking the backless shoe on the reg. The ’90s rendition featured a chunkier heel, and women were often spotted wearing them with socks.  Mules were seen at all four fashion week cities for spring/summer 2018, with everything from satin to velvet and suede options.


Chunky Oxfords: First appearing on men in Scotland and Ireland in the 17th century and named after Oxford University, this style gained popularity much later with a heightened, chunkier iteration. Shoes like these are a great choice for the weekend because they’re comfortable and low-key.


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