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The Story told by the Founder's words
I was always driven by the passion for what surrounds me and what humans can create. I am intrigued by the perfect imperfections, by the symmetry & asymmetries, the opposites and the balance.
Since I was a child I loved all sort of creative fields and allowed myself to put them on the paper, from writing to painting to drawing all sorts of visual possibilities. I used to make my own things and I was eager to learn, to put my hands on and create. From studying arts, graduating in graphic design & communication in Lisbon, seeking for a challenge and pos-graduate in fashion design & accessories in London, then working in the jewelry industry and in USA working in a product design brand was all part of my career experience. and it was worth every single one of it. because it simply made who I am today.
Since 2010 I decided to go serious on a business and guava was simply the combination of all I did in the past, combining my passions, dreams and inspirations. I wanted to put all that in the business and make it a life changing career.
And I am pursuing it... every day is a work in progress.

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